For this past year and I have been absorbed into a project that I feel my most ambitious one yet. This direction of work would amass everything that I have built conceptually in a totally surreal, risky kind of way.

I have been conducting my material mainly through, a website that self-proclaims to be a place where people can find and purchase any service they need. These purchases are usually through people who have never met, with amenities that will never require them to meet. With $5.00 you are able to buy seemingly whatever; from a seller singing you a custom birthday song to an hour conversation with a stranger pretending to be your best friend.Anything is possible and reality becomes illusionary in this digital marketplace.

From a private seller on Fiverr, I have commissioned a three-part series of Paranormal Teen Romance novels entitled “Dangerous Magics” that has been the foundation for current body of work. A love story that has been built from disconnection, isolation, and strangeness.

With another story, I as an author have created Glory. Glory is a lonely, heart broken character who through her own fantasies find’s Dangerous Magics and becomes absolutely obsessed. I am at the beginning stages currently, deciding and discovering who she is. My hope is for the work will build and snowball into a massive storm of concoction. Creating work from an unknown variable, that constantly tests the boundaries of control and manipulation.


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