Dangerous Magics

From an anonymous seller on, I have commissioned a Paranormal Teen Romance novel entitled, Dangerous Magics, the foundation for my current body of work.

A love story that has been constructed by my own manipulations, I take romance novel tropes, the history of female repression in geographic landscape, and the desolation and misunderstanding of mental illness to both write and perform a story of disconnection, isolation, and strangeness.

The novel of Dangerous Magics has become an unusual obsession for my anti-heroine, Glory West, a lovesick, self-proclaimed Texan country singer who alternates between her own daydreams of fantasy and realities. She takes the paranormal book as gospel and effectively begins to slip into witchcraft, all the while mischievously narrating her unreliable histories and truths.

As voyeur’s, we are not completely sure of the bizarre events that start to occur. Love potions, mystical spells, and crooning songs of passion and desire, we can decide whether these are real or just a concoction of Glory’s mind.