Dangerous Magics, 2018-2019

From a private seller on Fiverr, I have commissioned a three-part series of Paranormal Teen Romance novels entitled Dangerous Magics. In this detached method of requesting intimacy, Dangerous Magics has been the foundation for my current body of work. A love story that has been built from disconnection, isolation, and strangeness. The novel becomes an unusual obsession for Glory, a lovesick Texas woman who alternates between this fascination through her own daydreams of love. As voyeur’s we are not completely sure the bizarre events that start to occur. Love potions, mystical spells, we can decided whether these are real or just a concoction of Glory’s mind. My hope is for the work will build and snowball into a massive storm of concoction. Creating work from an unknown variable, that constantly tests the boundaries of control and manipulation.