My Bloated Stomach is Water and Glitter...

Disappointments are revealed at Samantha and Rebecca's slumber party Yellow Peep,.jpg

With her B.F.A from the University of Texas at San Antonio, Solis concentrated on painting and performance art with a strong conceptual practice.  Locally, she has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at The Lullwood Group, Silkworm Gallery, UTSA Main Gallery, High Wire Arts Gallery, San Antonio Art League Museum, and R Gallery. Solis has also gained international exposure through a 2015 artist residency at Arteles Creative Center in Haukijärvi, Finland, and most recently completed an artist residency following a solo show at Hello Studio in San Antonio in 2016.  Forthcoming, Solis will have a solo exhibition at the McNay Art Museum, and will be apart of a group show "Artist Statement #2" at the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art Museum in South Korea.

Solis states:
"My work uses the body and material to incarnate a self portrait of boundaries and vices. I think often about relationships and contradictions between truth and deception. Transforming into unhealthy characters through performance is an attempt to find an everlasting connection between myself and the viewer. To do this, the work is forced to persistently question a communal pursuit of happiness. It is paramount for me to reveal flawed behavior that presents failure as truth through particular points of contemporary art, my personal narrative, and an intimacy of similar experiences with others. I continue to ask both myself and the viewer what motivates us to achieve happiness. Is this just a self-fulfilling narrative towards inevitable failure? Can I, along with a growing relationship with the participant demonstrate and embody this cycle through binary modes of fantasy and reality? Achieving an art form that is not likable and subverts the notion of becoming merely agreeable frees and allows me to push both the confines and seduction of attraction and repulsion."